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11 Best Homework Apps for Students and Teachers

Whether you like it or not, your teachers assign various assignments during the college years. You read theoretical materials, revise lectures, write essays, do projects, work on your coursework even though it’s difficult to avoid distractions at home. Obviously, there’s no need to tell you why is homework important, but you want to keep a work-study-life balance and enjoy your life.

Looking for effective ways to do your assignments faster and spend time with your friends, you think about finding useful homework apps.

Living in the digital era, there are many ways to do your tasks faster without sacrificing the quality: From sharing tips with your classmates online to using digital tools. All in all, you can optimize the educational process with ease, and educational apps can help you a lot.

Once you know the best homework planner apps, it’s high time to find actionable tools to track and manage your workflow. The good news? Whether you love Apple or Android gadgets, there are many apps to suit any user’s needs and wants.

Here’s the list of 11 best homework apps for keeping track of assignments based on our review:

1. Show My Homework

Price: free Download: iOS | Android

Showmyhomework, also known as ‘smhw’, is a great app that helps students, parents, and teachers set and view homework process. Showmyhomework is one-size-fits-all solution to educational management as the app allows users to track the progress, view events, and take tests on the go. What is more, it has an intuitive design – just click on the show my homework login page to check it out.


  • Available on all gadgets
  • Possibility to improve skills
  • Intuitive design

  • Internet connection required
  • No comments section for teachers and parents

    2. Class Timetable

    Price:free/$0.99 Download: iOS | Android

    Class Timetable is a great way to create your educational plan with ease. It helps to keep track of your assignments and homework as you can see the deadlines, add notes, and much more. Plus, it helps to manage your workflow and prioritize tasks.


    • Beautiful interface
    • Multi-week support

  • No task reminders

    7 Educational Experts Reveal the Best Time Management Apps for Homework

    The exam period is coming closer, and it’s getting more and more difficult for students to complete their duties: attend lectures, participate in learning processes, prepare for exams, and do homework on time. And when it comes to home assignments, it’s even harder for students to stay focused on completing their duties outside the class.

    Do you know that 56% of students consider homework a primary source of stress? When you spend much time doing your homework, you sacrifice the personal life. Thus, it’s important to optimize this process, and improving time management skills is a must.

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